Southern Classics

Southern Classics Car Storage is operated by Southern Classics, a leading restorer of classic cars.


Southern Classics have built up an excellent reputation for restoring, repairing and maintaining classic and prestige cars to an extremely high standard. Southern Classics carry out mechanical work, paintwork, bodywork, modification work, servicing and accident repairs, all in-house.

The forte over the years has been the various Jaguar marques. Southern Classics are recommended by the leading Jaguar car clubs and have earned approved classic repairer status from many of the main insurance companies.

In recent years Southern Classics have branched out to embrace other makes of vehicle, for example: Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Rolls Royce etc. So it is not be unusual to see all manner of makes, models and variants in the workshops.


Southern Classics complete high quality classic car restoration and repairs. They are a dedicated and very skilled 8-man team that has worked closely together for many years, wining a hard-earned reputation. The team between them have a combined total of 244 years of skilled experience in working on motor vehicles.

Some years ago, Southern Classics took part in a 15-part TV series called ‘A Car is Reborn’, which was televised worldwide by Sky. The series featured us carrying out a total “ground-up” restoration of a series one Jaguar E-type roadster. This gave the viewer a really in-depth look at all the skilled work involved in this type of project. This was the very first time a project of this nature had ever been recorded in such detail and televised. On completion, the car was driven to the Jaguar factory at Browns Lane, where the original E-type test driver, Norman Dewis, drove and tested the car and declared it to be perfect.


One of the benefits of storing your car at Southern Classics Car Storage is the fact that you can easily call on the services of Southern Classics for restoring, repairing and maintaining classic and prestige cars.

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