Services offered

Southern Classics Car Storage offers car storage, which includes the following services:

·      Car storage in purpose designed facilities

·      Cotton cover to protect your car

·      Trickle charge for your battery

·      Valeting for you car on checking in*

·      Car check on checking out**

·      An optional monthly start up programme***

·      [In the future, we may also provide climate controlled airflow units]


Southern Classics Car Storage offers two different contract lengths, which allows long term customers to benefit from a lower fee. The two contract lengths are:

·      12 month term. With this contract you sign up for an initial 12 month term. It is not possible to cancel during the first 12 months, but at any point after 10 months you may give 2 months notice. This contract is most suitable for those with long-term storage needs.


·      3 month term. For those with short-term storage needs, this contract is for a minimum of 3 months, but can be cancelled at any time after the second month with 1 month’s notice.




£ per week

12 month contract

3 month contract

Storage, cotton cover, trickle charge



Monthly start up programme



Check in



Check out



Additional services available on an agreed basis

Prices inclusive of any VAT payable


Check in and check out is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Other times may be available at mutually convenient times at an additional attendance charge.

Insurance: You must maintain full fire, theft and other insurance for your car and inform your insurance company as appropriate

*On check in, your car’s exterior will be hand washed and dried, and the interior vacuumed. Tyres will be set to the correct pressure.

**On check out, your car’s tyre pressures, oil level and battery charge will be checked and you will be informed of any issues (subject to 48 hours notice of checking-out)

***The monthly start up programme will involve checking your car’s fluid levels, tyre pressures, battery charge, and running your engine to operating temperature once a month